Three new virtual shops


We are pleased to announce that three new panorama virtual shops are opened in April 2012. To build these panorama virtual shops, we use Panoplaza an online virtual shop building tool. You can log-in to Panoplaza from here.

Tokyu: Shibuya ShinQs Virtual Switchroom

ShinQs is a new shopping mall opened on 26th April 2012 by Tokyu Department Store. In this shopping mall, restrooms called “Switchroom” are shown as virtual tour content using Panoplaza. The viewers not only can see inside of “Switchroom”, but also they can check the night scenery of Shibuya. The night scenery was shot from 33th floor of that building and you can find the giga-pixel panorama photo from 5th floor of virtual switchroom. (Japanese page)

Nissen: Smileland Virtual Shop

Smileland Virtual Shop is a panorama virtual shop based on Nissen’s Smileland store in Shibuya. The visitors can go around the virtual shops, check about 120 tagged items, and actually buy them online. It also enables user to do the keyword search using the “Call the sales person” button. It is good eye-catch tool for E-commerce and also effective O2O (Online to Offline) tool for real retail stores. (Contents are in Japanese)

Isetan: Virtual Isetan Haneda Store

Isetan Haneda Store is the Isetan’s new shop opened in the Haneda airport recently. Since this shop is located in the checked in area, regular customers are hard to visit unless they fly from that airport terminal. Therefore they have opened the virtual shop to enable viewers to watch inside of shops. This virtual shop is provided in two formats: website and Android application. Users can touch the virtual shop by using Android tablets located in Haneda airport and Isetan Shinjuku. (Contents are in Japanese)

If you are interested for these virtual shops, please feel free to contact us. Contact page is here.