Panorama Shooting in Earthquake Disaster Area


1 Year & 7 Months from Great East Japan Earthquake

This was my first visit to the great east Japan earthquake area after it happened on Mar. 11th 2011. 1 year and 7 months has passed. I felt sorry to be late but after the earthquake, Japan was in a unusual situation and we were busy keeping our life here in Tokyo area.

Kesennuma, Miyagi, Japan

I could visit Kesennuma because we could get a project creating panorama virtual shops here using Panoplaza. Before and after the virtual shop shooting I could stop by other spots which are affected by huge tsunami right after the earthquake. In Kesennuma city about 1500 people are killed or missed because of tsunami. I could even see the ground sinking in harbor area showing that this area is very near to ocean surface and it is really dangerous for tsunami and high tide.

Panorama Shooting in Kesennuma

Most of the harbor area was flattened by the earthquake and only about 5% of land space is utilized right now. Most of the rubble was already removed from the space and the area looks like a vacant site. Because all the street lamps were swept away by tsunami, it is completely dark in the night. This is the panorama photo taken in such area.

Panorama Shooting at No.18 Kyoutokumaru Ship

This big ship named No.18 Kyoutokumaru were carried by tsunami to land which is 500m away from the sea. The ship is about 60m long and 330 tons in weight. Since it is too huge to carry, it is still there. It now becomes a symbolic site and there are some tourist coming to this place.

Kesennuma Restoration Stall Village

I could have my dinner at Kesennuma Restoration Stall Village and could hear the story from one of the shop owner there.

Right After the Quake

– The blackout has occurred right after the quake and traffic signal was out of use.
– He avoided using the harbor road because of traffic jam occurred by blackout signal.
– When he drove down from the mountain side he could see tsunami coming from the ocean.
– All the family members were survived but his restaurant was swept away by tsunami.

Restoration Stage

– He could restart his restaurant here with many supporters.
– Gradually the sales is increasing thanks to word of mouth and other PR.
– These restaurants are not so much for locals but for tourists.
– Disaster area sightseeing is popular now and he thanks to that trend.
– You can visit Hiraizumi the world heritage sight after visiting Kesennuma.

Undergoing Economic Restoration

As you can see from the above report, hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops are trying to recover from the disaster. They are waiting for more tourists to come back to this area. And I could also find that it is high time helping them economically and technically. We will continue contacting them and would like to help them in any ways.

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この地域一帯には、平安時代末期、奥州藤原氏が栄えた時代の寺院や遺跡群が多く残り、そのうち5件が「平泉 – 仏国土(浄土)を表す建築・庭園及び考古学的遺跡群」の名で、2011年6月26日にユネスコの世界遺産リストに登録された。日本の世界遺産の中では12番目に登録された文化遺産であり、東北地方では初の世界文化遺産となった。







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最近、iOS6へのアップデートでついに公式にパノラマ写真の撮影が可能になったこともあり、市場ではパノラマを用いたコンテンツの認知及びニーズが高まっているのかも、と推測します。iTunes Storeにおいてもパノラマ写真の撮影が可能なアプリに加えてパノラマコンテンツを利用したアプリが数多く存在します。




こちらは、パノラマ写真で構成される電子雑誌です。創刊号として無料でダウンロードすることが出来ます。無料といえど、「パノラマが伝えた大震災 〜産経新聞写真報道局の挑戦〜」や、ライブ会場のパノラマ写真を見ながら音声ファイルを再生しその場にいるかのような臨場感を楽しむことも出来る、かなりクオリティの高いものとなっています。まさにiPadの大画面で美麗なコンテンツを見るのに優れるという利点が活かされているアプリと言えます。

Jet Setter

Jet Setterは、高級リゾートホテルの内部をパノラマ写真で閲覧することの出来るアプリです。アプリは洗練されたデザインとなっており、ホテルの名前をタップするとホテルの説明や内部の写真を見ることが出来ます。そのなかでも、「Explor in 360」をタップするとパノラマビューでホテルの内部を見ることが出来るようになります。無料で、iPhoneとiPadに対応しています。


Panoplaza for E-Commerce


Panorama Virtual Shop

We have been working on panorama virtual shops by providing Panoplaza for last 1.5 years. Several department and retail stores have adopted Panoplaza in their online shops. Some stores got a lot of page views and appeared in media. Some others are utilizing the virtual shop as Online to Offline (O2O) tool. We are succeeding to show one style of next generation online commerce!

Let us share some functionalities which our clients most welcomed.

Linked to E-Commerce

Conventional virtual tours only let users go around the space. But virtual shops created by Panoplaza are integrated with online shop. Each item on the panorama photos is tagged and linked to its detail page on e-commerce website. Therefore viewers not only view the shops but also actually purchase the merchandise there.

Keyword Search

If a virtual store has large space some may feel difficulty finding their preferred items. So we are providing keyword search function. Once the user input keywords the shop return the list. Clicking on one of the list will let user visit the new spot where his/her item is located.

Share by Twitter

Yes we love to share our shopping experience or items to our friends and relative. During checking an item in the virtual shop you can find twitter button there. By clicking this button you can share both this item and item’s location in the virtual shop.

Demo Video: Panoplaza for E-Commerce

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