Presentation at IVRPA ICELAND 2013


Kadinche is working on panorama photograph technology & service with the help of many developers and software tools all over the world. Because we are always helped by these experienced developers and photographers, we wanted to return the courtesy to this panorama photography society. Therefore we decided to participate in International VR Photography Association’s (IVRPA) annual conference called ICELAND 2013 and share our experience working on panorama virtual shops and events mainly in Japan.

ICELAND 2013: The International Panoramic Photography Conference
Date:10th – 16th June 2013
Venue:Hotel Selfoss, Selfoss, Iceland
Hosted by:IVRPA (International VR Photography Association)

Title of our presentation is “PANOPLAZA: CLOUD TOOL FOR PANORAMA VIRTUAL SHOP & EVENT” and the abstract of our presentation is as follows.

Soko Aoki will share his experience utilizing the panorama virtual tour for E-Commerce, Events, and general virtual tours and discuss the future vision of space expression technology.
Panoplaza is a panorama virtual shop editing tool implemented on cloud computing platform by Kadinche corporation Tokyo Japan.
Users are able to upload not only panorama photos but also merchandise information to create online virtual shop. These users can easily make tags on items in their virtual shop. Panoplaza has been hosting Japanese major department stores’ virtual shops such as Daimaru, Isetan, and Tokyu.
Clients of Panoplaza use the system for both E-Commerce’s interactive contents and O2O (Online to Offline) marketing tool. There are several features which solve these clients’ needs such as keyword search, access analysis, and downloadable e-book format.
Panoplaza received Microsoft Innovation Award 2011 (Japan), Tablet Solution Award 2012 (Japan) and Open Web Asia Awards 2012 (Asia)

We are looking forward to seeing many panorama developers from all over the world. We will be happy to share and learn with & from the others.

BrowseWell: Panorama Virtual Shop in North America


Panplaza Goes Global

Since we started our panorama virtual shop service as Panoplaza in 2011, we aggressively presented our service in many international events such as Startup Asia 2012 & Echelon 2012 in Singapore, Open Web Asia 2012 in China, and ICT Spring 2012 in Luxembourg. Many technology and marketing media covered about Panoplaza and we were happy to receive feedbacks from all over the world.

Announcing BrowseWell in North America

We are glad to announce our partnership with BrowseWell LLC which is based in Dallas, Texas, USA. BroweWell will provide panorama virtual shop service in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Here is the brief description of BrowseWell from their website.

BrowseWell was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing innovative enhancements to the status quo of web browsing. In particular, BrowseWell focuses on leveraging new technology to create an experience that is visually stunning and fully interactive. BrowseWell can help your business stand out from the crowd of flat, boring websites. BrowseWell gives online consumers the ability to enter their favorite stores anytime, anyplace, with any internet-ready device in order to shop, tag, and discover items in an intuitive way that mimics a real-life shopping experience. Consumers are no longer required to use their imagination to see a product in a real, navigable space. Don’t just browse, BrowseWell.

Company Name: BrowseWell, LLC
Address: 2517 Manana Dr. Dallas, TX 75220, USA
Tel: Tel 214-814-0667​
E-mail: ​

Please have a visit at BrowseWell website where they have the first client case furniture showroom Cantoni. They will be happy to discuss with you!






約20年前の中高生時代に初代のシムシティ(Windows 3.1 on IBM Thinkpadで動かしていた記憶があります)をやっていたこともあり、懐かしさもあって20年ぶりに最新作に触れる機会を得ました。で、このゲーム、空間表現技術に取り組んでいる弊社としては実に興味深いビジュアライゼーションの数々を見せてくれます。つまり単純にゲームで遊びたくてやったのではなく、これも仕事の一環・勉強の一環なのです(と言い訳がましく)。














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