8K VR Initiatives [NAB 2018]


Currently multi-lens 360° cameras able to shoot in 8K are available on the market. Since then it has also been possible to shoot 8K videos using single lens cameras. Kadinche Co., Ltd. has began the following 8K VR-related initiatives in collaboration with 8K camera maker Astro Design Co. Ltd. and super wide-angle lens manufacturer Internya Co. Ltd.

Monoscopic 8K VR

Using an Astro Design’s 8K camera and an internal 250° wide-angle lens, we established a production flow for shooting test images and viewing them with a head-mounted display. The equipment configuration used as of March 2018 is as shown in the photo below, but the camera and lens will change with future product development.

8K video tablet app

By using an 8K camera and a wide-angle lens, you can shoot a wide area in high resolution. For example, even if you shoot an entire baseball field, the resolution is such that individual players on the field can be seen clearly. Usually such content is displayed on a large TV screen. We thought about the ability to zoom-in on an area of interest by using a handheld tablet. We have developed a prototype system with the following configuration. A PC connected to a large-screen display plays the entire 8K video, and at the same time, it streams the 8K video to the tablet device connected locally via WiFi. The tablet can zoom in on the desired location of the video. The information (coordinates) for the zoomed-in screen area is sent to the PC as needed, and only that part is streamed back to the tablet.

Exhibited at the Astro Design booth at NAB 2018

These systems were exhibited at the Astro Design Booth (Convention Center Booth No .: Central Hall “C7515”) at NAB Show 2018, an exhibition of the National Broadcasting Corporation in Las Vegas, USA.

* About Astro Design Co. Ltd.
We are developing hardware and software solutions in the field of ultra-high-definition video technology and real-time high-speed digital signal processing technology such as 8K.
Astro Design Corporation Planning Department
Tatsunobu Kanamura (e-mail: kanemura@astrodesign.co.jp)
TEL: 03-5734-6100 FAX: 03-5734-6101

Providing VR SaaS solutions to Prince Hotels


Kadinche Co. Ltd. has partnered with Prince Hotel Co., Ltd. (Head office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President Shigeru Akasaka) in order to provide SaaS-type VR content management, distribution, and viewing systems.

Prince Hotel’s VR content is managed and distributed on Panoplaza – an AWS platform developed by Kadinche. The platform is accompanied by a GearVR app which is used for downloading and viewing VR contents. Panoplaza allows clients to start using the service with a minimal setup period of around a month and a monthly fee. This drastically cuts down development costs.

Using this service, Prince Hotel has created virtual tours using 360 ° videos and 360 °panoramic  photos on PANOPLAZA. By using VR capable devices (such as GearVR) it is possible to showcase all of the wedding facilities throughout Japan anywhere and anytime using VR.

Kadinche will continue to develop SaaS-type solutions for customers with similar needs for VR content management and distribution.

Areas of introduction: Sapporo, New Furano, Kawagoe, Takanawa, Shin-Yokohama, Hakone, Kamakura, Karuizawa, Otsu, Kyoto, Hiroshima
Hotel Names: Sapporo Prince Hotel, New Furano Prince Hotel, Kawagoe Prince Hotel, Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa, Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel, The Prince, Hakone Ashinoko, Kamakura Prince Hotel, Karuizawa Prince Hotel, Biwako Otsu Prince Hotel, Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto, Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima

■ Related information
PRINCE WEDDING website (http://www.princehotels.co.jp/wedding/)

  GearVR App menu

GearVR Image

360 ° Panoramic picture





RaspberryPi VR x Cloud = surveillance camera【NAB 2018】


RaspberryPi VR x cloud service

We have developed a simple surveillance system using  RaspberryPi and 220 degree camera. By using RaspberryPi VR 220 Camera MOD KIT, we attached a 220 ° ultra-wide angle lens to the ultra-compact single board computer. The resulting system periodically uploads still images to the cloud service Entapano VR.

Simple surveillance camera system using a RaspberryPi 220 degree camera

RaspberryPi has a reputation for being a small and inexpensive computer. It is possible to create a simple surveillance system by attaching a 220 degree wide-angle camera to it and uploading the photographs to the Internet . Our prototype system takes and sends a photo once every 5 minutes by using the following equipment configuration.
・ Raspberry Pi RASPBERRY PI 3 Model B
・ Entaniya RaspberryPi VR 220 Camera MOD KIT
・ Entaniya RaspberryPi camera case (prototype)
・ Entapano VR (cloud service)
When it comes to surveillance systems, there is an impression that the cost of implementation is quite high due to the cost of both hardware and software. By combining RaspberryPi and cloud services, the setup becomes much easier and cheaper.

Raspberry Pi RASPBERRY PI 3 Model B + VR 220 Camera MOD KIT

Cloud service: Entapano VR

Exhibition at NAB 2018

This system was demoed at the Entaniya booth during the NAB Show 2018, an exhibition of the American Broadcasting Corporation in Las Vegas, USA.

Simultaneous 360 VR video playback system


In recent times , 360-degree videos and live-action VR have been used by companies for personnel training and also as entertainment content for tourists. For such scenarios, the ability for simultaneous playback across multiple head-mounted has been requested by clients. The simultaneous playback system developed by our company allows for such method of operation. The system consists of an operator’s Windows PC and multiple HMD devices such as smartphones, Gear VR and Oculus Go all connected via wireless LAN and operating synchronously.
Once the operator starts a video playback on his terminal, the video via also start on the connected HMDs. This allows for everyone to watch the same video at the same time.


  • Connection between the operator’s terminal and the HMD (requires all the devices to be on the same wireless LAN, connection to the Internet isn’t required)
  • Select a video for playback (must be stored in a specific folder)
  • Simultaneous playback on PC and HMDs
  • Fast forward and rewind (10 seconds, 30 seconds)
  • Connection status display (PC only)
  • Connect to the operator’s terminal (Smarthphone, HMD only)
  • Monoscopic & Stereoscopic view toggle (Smartphone, HMD only)
  • Viewpoint reset (Smartphone, HMD only)

Target devices

  • Smartphone VR using Android
  • Smartphone VR using iOS
  • Gear VR
  • Oculus Go


  1. Copy the video you want to play to the operator’s PC’s video folder and the Movies folder in Oculus Go’s internal storage
  2. Start the PC app
  3. Write down the “Server IP Address” at the bottom of the PC app
  4. Launch the Oculus Go app
  5. Tap the gear icon at the bottom of the Oculus Go app screen, and enter the IP address of the operator’s PC that you wrote down earlier.
  6. Wait for the Oculus Go app to connect to the PC app.
  7. If the connection fails because the PC application is not running, you can reconnect by tapping the connection button (cloud icon) at the top of the screen.
  8. If the cloud icon at the top of the Oculus Go app screen is has a check mark and the IP address of the Oculus Go device is displayed on the USER tab of the PC app, the setup is complete.

Method of operation
When you play a video on the PC app, the following actions will be reflected in the Oculus Go app.

  • The video you are playing
  • Play/Pause
  • Fast forward/Rewind

Furthermore the following operation is possible:

  • The Oculus Go app can be operated independently even while connected to the PC app.
  • When the Oculus Go app is operated independetly a gear icon that toggles the menu will be display in the lower end of the screen
  • When an operation is performed on the PC app, it will be forcefully replicated on the Oculus Go. This is done by design.

Use Cases

  • Tottori Prefecture: Use for Hoshitori Prefecture Project
  • Sakai Railway Company
  • Individual Clients

VR Haunted House


Kadinche Co., in a joint venture with Shochiku Co., Ltd. and Sakai Co., Ltd. has developed a VR haunted house attraction “Give me your face: the curse of the old woman”. This attraction combines a virtual (VR) and real (walk-through) horror experience in what we call a “Hybrid Haunted House”. In addition, the VR content will be deployed independently in Japan and overseas. The attraction will be available from July 20th (Sat) until September 1st (Sun) 2019 at the Tower Hall, located on the 1st basement floor of the Tokyo Tower.

2019 Tokyo Tower Haunted House outline:
Title: Kichiri Ishigamaya Hamburgers presents: [Give me your face – The curse of the old woman]
Exhibition Dates: 20th July (Sat) 2019 – 1st Sept (Sun) 2019
Opening Hours: 12:00 – 21:00 (Last entry: 20:30)
Location: Tokyo Tower, B1 Floor, Tower Hall
Entry fee: 1,000円(tax included)
“The Curse of the Old Lady” Production Committee: Shochiku Co., Ltd., Miekuru Co., Ltd.
Production cooperation: Shochiku Studio, Shochiku Showbiz Studio Co., Ltd. Darkness Co., Ltd.
Producer: Shoji Tomita, Shochiku Co., Ltd.
Director: Seitaro Tonkana Co., Ltd.
Website: https://www.shochiku.co.jp/pj/okao/