【Metaverse System】

Create your VR service easily

Metaverse system privide a environment for build your private VR space and you can provide your service for your customers


3D Virstual Space

We develop a service that can interact with other users using avatars in customizable 3D CG metaverse.

HMD compatible

We develop HMD compatible application that user move and communicate in your 3D Virtual Space.

Real-time communication

We can add rich communication capavilities including voice and emotion.

Motion Capture

HMD devices recognize users' behaviour such as head and arms, and control avaters motion in the 3D virtual space.

Made for you

We customize our system based on your purpose.

Service Design

We develop industrial system and entertainment system using VR and 3D virtual space with your team.

Examples of utilization.

We will show you more examples of utilization of Metaverse System.

VR Attraction

Attractions using VR have increased in theme parks and commercial facilities. Invite experienceers to a world of stories and experience unusual experiences. Through Miecle, which is a joint venture with Shochiku, we can assist in the creation and operation of VR attraction directors and scripts.

VR Theater

Login to 3D virtual space from home, such as VRChat which is a social VR and metaverse system from the United States, has come to be able to enjoy communication and a concert etc. We perform virtual space development that implements original rendering, control method, low latency communication, etc.

VR training

The use of VR is advancing in order to carry out the training in an independent and subjective manner with reality. For example, it is expected that the training effect will be improved by using role playing such as factory training and foreign language learning. How about using VR to improve training effectiveness and reduce training costs?

VR preview

In real estate and construction sites, 3D models of buildings (BIM) are being used, but their data can also be used for VR. Realize property visits and simulation of interior work in a VR space, or use them as experience content in a model room.

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