VR/AR content production

Production of contents for smartphone and HMD

Production of panoramic photos · VR movies

As a new way of expressing 360°VR movies and panoramic photos, attention is focused on the possibilities.We are shooting and producing high-quality 360°VR contents using panoramic photos and panoramic videos with our VR solution service PANOPLAZA.

What you can do with content creation(Corresponding technology)

360 ° still image

It is virtual tour content production using panoramic photos.Customize design and functions are possible using our developed tools.



360° live

We will perform live streaming of events and concerts using 360 ° and 250 ° wide angle cameras.Switching using multiple cameras is also possible.

Stereo content

The live-action content has also increased 3D / stereo correspondence.Stereo correspondence is also possible regardless of still images / movies.

One shot VR(220~280°)

We also accept photographs using 220-280 ° lenses to avoid problems that are not hidden in the field at 360 ° shooting and problems that lighting/cue card can not be used.

Application link

It is possible to organize projects in which applications and content operating on smartphones and personal computers are linked.

Compatible equipment

Nokia OZO

Kandao Obsidian

Panasonic Pharos

Insta360 Pro

Black Magic Design Micro Studio Camera 4K

Sony α7sIII

How to use contents



Post on the website.
360 ° contents can be rotated with the mouse


You can watch from applications of smartphone (iOS & Android) or PC (Windows).

Head Mount Display(HMD)

As an application for HMD, you can experience with smartphone or PC based HMD

List of Production Cases

We are introducing VR / AR content production examples

Developed Jaguar Land Rover Virtual Drive System


360 Degrees Virtual Experience System using Oculus Rift Kadinche created and developed Jaguar Land Rover’s Virtual Drive System using Oculus Rift head mount display. The system will be installed in Jaguar Rand Lover’s dealer shops all over Japan. Visitors can enjoy viewing 360 degrees as if he/she is inside cars driving around. Kadinche shot panorama movies of Jaguar and Land Rover’s cars in Spain and UK. Kadinche also developed panorama movie viewing application for Oculus Rift. The first two contents are Jaguar XE with a tennis player Mr. Kei Nishikori and Land Rover Discovery Sports with its official driver in UK. Kadinche is a company in Tokyo Japan doing research...


Sports Virtual Reality Video


How does it feel like if you can see sights of top athletes? With panorama virtual reality technology, it is possible to virtually experience top athletes’ view. We have shot 8 different sports events with help of athletes in Japan. Each athlete wore a special helmet equipped with 6 action cameras. The helmet and video stabilization technology are provided by Sony Computer Science Lab & Rekimoto Lab of the University of Tokyo’s Jack In Head Technology. Japanese Olympian Mr. Dai Tamesue of Athlete Society helped us casting the athletes. Cast: Track and Field. Hurdles by Shingo Akimoto (200m hurdles Asian record holder) Rowing by CHUO University Rowing Team Track and...


Presentation at 5th Digital Earth Summit


We have presented our work at the “5th Digital Earth Summit“. The title of our presentation was “Panorama Shooting and Hosting Platform for Nature Monitoring”. We introduced our Super High Resolution Mountain Monitoring System which is a joint project with the National Institute for Environment Studies. Overview Conference: 5th Digital Earth Summit Date: 9th – 11th November 2014 Venue: WINC Aichi, Nagoya, Japan Panorama Shooting and Hosting Platform for Nature Monitoring” Robot-head Mounted Panorama Shooting Camera High Resolution Zoomed Image of Mountains for Scientific Research Panorama Photo is Viewable (Zoomable) as Web Contents Experiment in Tateyama, Toyama, Japan with National Institute of Environmental Studies


List of Production Cases

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