【Panoplaza partners with Stores.jp】


Panoplaza partners with Stores.jp


PanoPlaza for Retail Stores in Stores.jp

Kadinche announces that Bracket Inc of Tokyo Japan adopted Panoplaza to create their users’ panorama virtual stores on their web service Stores.jp. Panoplaza is an online tool to create panorama virtual store.
Bracket Inc is Tokyo based Internet service company operating E-Commerce platform called Stores.jp especially for small retail business. The users of Stores.jp can easily create online stores in a few minutes by using intuitive user interface. The number of stores on Stores.jp exceeds 30,000 in April 2013 and it is still increasing rapidly.

Users of Stores.jp can have panorama virtual stores

Collaboration between Panoplaza and Stores.jp let users of Stores.jp have panorama virtual stores on their online stores. Visitors of stores can enjoy virtual shopping by looking and going around 360 degrees of stores. Owners of stores can expect online to offline (020) effect since customers would visit their stores physically after seeing panorama views on the website. Owners of stores can apply for the panorama virtual stores service through Stores.jp website.

Company Name: Bracket Inc
Address: 1-17-1 Shibuya Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan
URL: https://stores.jp/virtual

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