【Comparison of Space Expression Technology】


Comparison of Space Expression Technology


Kadinche is conducting research & development on space expression technology. But to evaluate each tech, we need to compare the performance one by one. As a summer vacation home work, I have written a report on comparison of space expression techlonogy.


As for material of space expression, I selected Banyan Tree Phuket Hotel in Thailand. People enjoy this kind of resort hotel and space itself is so important. Therefore I believed this would be a great material to do the evaluation. We want to have more space expression contents in the official website or hotel portal site.

Regular pictures are easy to shoot, light volume, and easy to handle & edit. These are the reasons that pictures are major method to show how the hotel and resort looks like. But because the point of views is static, we can not see around the area. To express the atmosphere of the resort, we need many photos in higher resolution.


A video is good because we can change the point of view and recognize the size & atmosphere of the resort. The demerit of video is that the data size would be quiet huge and a little bit difficult to edit.


I really liked the soundscape recorded by linear PCM recorder. In the same place the sound differs time to time. So I recorded the sound at one place at three different times. Yes, we prefer comfortable environment to noisy place. It would be interesting to choose the resort not only room and environment but also soundscape.

– Fine Morning (with singing of insects)

– Fine Evening (with singing of insects)

– Rain Evening (with rain sound and the thunderbolt)

Panorama Virtual Tour (Panoplaza

And of course, panorama virtual tour is easy to understand the space because we can observe 360 degrees. Maybe we can add sound to our Panoplaza to re-create the real space.

We should have richer multimedia contents such as shown here in the hotel websites, real estate websites, and in other promotional materials. Richer contents conveys better impression to viewers.

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