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Make big surprises, contribute greatly to the world

Kadinche is an IT venture company established in 2008.We think a deal of sense,"Surprise".Surprises come up when you feel gap between remembrance information and newly information, for example, impossible becomes possible, you touch something that exceeds expectations, you've never seen before.It's the time that science and technology make remarkable progress, so that, we try to make big surprise and we want to contribute greatly to the world. We promise that making big surprise by technology, speed, imagination, quality, and service.

logoCcorporate name and logo mark

Our corporate name "Kadinche" means "Thank you" in Dzongkha (Bhutan). Our logo mark is "Ravens", it has found in North-American myths as a symbol of creator and trickster. We decided them with all our heart to thank for the world and will do something different.

Executive Team


Soko AOKI graduated from Keio University master's degree of media. He worked in Sony Corporation and development of image proceccing. He work out and entered doctoral degree of Keio University. He founded Kadinche Corporation

CTO: Kazutaka UCHIDA

Kazutaka UCHIDA graduated from Tokyo Institute od Tecnology university master's degree of systems and control Engineering . He worked in Sony Corporation and development of image proceccing. He work out and founded Kadinche Corporation


142-0062 6-5-10-2F, Koyama, Shinagawaku, Tokyo Nearest station is Nishikoyama (Tokyu Meguro Line) 3min by foot


Kadinche Corporation
CEO: Soko AOKI,Ph.D. CTO: Kazutaka UCHIDA
Development of Space Expression Technology Development of software
8.Aug.08: Established
28.Jul.11: Release panolama virtual tool "PanoPlaza"
1.Dec.14: Release panolama movie sharing sites "PANOPLAZA MOVIE"
Feb 2012: Tablet Solution Award 2012, Award of Coorperate Compny
Apr 2012: Microsoft Innovation Award 2011, Award of excellence
Dec 2012: Open Web Asia 2012 Award
Jun 2015: VR Creative Award, Award of excellence
Feb 2016: Japan Venture Awards 2016, Special award of using high technology
Feb 2018 Winner of Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest 2018


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