【Our Vision】


Our Vision


Kadinche Corporation is a technology start-up company founded in August8th, 2008.

Two founders Soko Aoki and Kazutaka Uchida were research scientists at A-cubed Research Center in Sony Corporation. We first talked about establishing a start-up company in November 2004 in Abu Simbel temple in Egypt.

We came to establish Kadinche Corporation in August 2008 since our visions got together. We were doing research on image audio signal processing, software, and electronics when we were in Sony. We also learned how an engineer and a technology company should be from Sony as it is famous for its founding prospectus “To establish of an ideal factory that stresses a spirit of freedom and open-mindedness, and where engineers with sincere motivation can exercise their technological skills to the highest level.”

Kadinche Corporation serves technologies, plans, and business models which can change the world. At the mean time, we are focusing on technologies which can unite cyber world and real world such as indoor 3D modeling, sensor network, and other web-based technologies. Our vision is to help the world being better with the technologies we develop.

Sometime technology can change the people, society, and the world. It will be very helpful we can implement and utilize the technology in the field it is needed. The potential of technology uniting the cyber and real world is so huge that we need many people’s advices and cooperation. Let’s make a better world together.

August 2008.
Kadinche Corporation Soko Aoki & Kazutaka Uchida


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