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Panoplaza for E-Commerce


Panorama Virtual Shop

We have been working on panorama virtual shops by providing Panoplaza for last 1.5 years. Several department and retail stores have adopted Panoplaza in their online shops. Some stores got a lot of page views and appeared in media. Some others are utilizing the virtual shop as Online to Offline (O2O) tool. We are succeeding to show one style of next generation online commerce!

Let us share some functionalities which our clients most welcomed.

Linked to E-Commerce

Conventional virtual tours only let users go around the space. But virtual shops created by Panoplaza are integrated with online shop. Each item on the panorama photos is tagged and linked to its detail page on e-commerce website. Therefore viewers not only view the shops but also actually purchase the merchandise there.

Keyword Search

If a virtual store has large space some may feel difficulty finding their preferred items. So we are providing keyword search function. Once the user input keywords the shop return the list. Clicking on one of the list will let user visit the new spot where his/her item is located.

Share by Twitter

Yes we love to share our shopping experience or items to our friends and relative. During checking an item in the virtual shop you can find twitter button there. By clicking this button you can share both this item and item’s location in the virtual shop.

Demo Video: Panoplaza for E-Commerce

Here are some articles on Panoplaza in English. Please check them and let me know if you have any comments or questions.

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