Panoplaza Update (Version 4.8.25)


Kadinche has updated its cloud based panorama virtual shop authoring tool PanoPlaza. We would like to explain 2 main features added to the tool. You can test these features by logging into the Panoplaza. Panoplaza is available both in English and Japanese.

Uploading from Smart Phones

Would you like to upload panorama photos directly from your smart phones such as Android & iPhone? Now you can access to PanoPlaza’s builder from your smart phones and can upload panorama photos! Although features for smart phones are limited to uploading, deleting, and publishing of them, we will be happy to get the feedback from users.

Please access this webpage by your smart phone’s browser

Viewing by Oculus Rifts

Oculus Rift is one of the most popular head mount displays these days. Now you can view your panorama contents using Oculus Rift! Please publish or re-publish your contents with the latest PanoPlaza and put “?mode=rift” in the published URL. Then you will have side by side image which is good for Oculus Rift. You might need to install NPVR Browser Plugin depending on your browser condition.

Please access this webpage for sample content.

Please enjoy creating panorama virtual shops with Panoplaza!