【Panorama Virtual Tour Platform Specialized for Portal Website】


Panorama Virtual Tour Platform Specialized for Portal Website


Press Release

5th December 2012
Kadinche Corporation

Panorama Virtual Tour Platform Specialized for Portal Website

-Supporting Clients Installing Panorama Contents-

Kadinche corp. in Japan starts to provide “Panoplaza for Portal” a virtual tour contents builder for portal website. As the first stage, Shanon Inc in Japan has adopted this Panoplaza as a “Virtual Event Platform”.


Panorama contents had been utilized as eye-catchers in websites especially in the field of real estates, hotels, and wedding venues. One of the problems in these panorama contents is that the panorama contents had not been integrated with other essential data and information on many portal websites. Panoplaza for Portal let our clients use panorama contents as a data platform and create attractive websites and applications.


1, Utilizing Panorama Contents in Collaboration with Existing System

Panoplaza for Portal is designed and implemented so as to integrate with clients’ existing CRM and CMS using APIs. Our clients can utilize not only their users and contents management mechanism but also realize the access tracking and user analysis from panorama virtual contents.
– CRM: Customer Relation Management
– CMS: Contents Management System

2, Multimedia Contents on Panorama Virtual Tours

Panoplaza for Portal can handle multimedia contents such as movies, slides, and external html pages in the virtual contents. Since the system runs on the global and fast cloud service platform Heroku and Amazon Web Service, the viewers can expect light and quick response of virtual contents from various devices including PCs, mobiles, and tablets.

Introductuion Example: Shanon Inc.

Shanon Inc based in Tokyo Japan is a private company providing marketing management platform. They have adopted the Panoplaza for Portal to be integrated with their marketing platform and started to provide “Virtual Event Platform” on 4th December 2012. The visitors to the Virtual Event Platform can view and download contents in virtual booth of exhibition and trade show. Panoplaza for Portal has been integrated with Shanon’s system by using user management and analysis tracking mechanisms.


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