【Possibilities of Space Expression Technology】


Possibilities of Space Expression Technology


Space Expression Technology

Many of websites are dealing with spaces such as shops, hotels, restaurants, real estates, and sightseeing spots. However space expression technology has not been improved since the birth of world wide web and people are still using conventional pictures. Kadinche is conducting research and development of space expression technology such as 3D modeling and panorama virtual tour.

3D Scanning & 3D Modeling

Since the establishment of Kadinche, we were working on 3D modeling using a panorama camera and a laser scanner. At that time 3D metaverse such as Secondlife and Playstation Home were popular applications. Therefore we thought it would be better if we can create the 3D space based on the real space. But the problem was that the cost of building 3D model . It was not suitable for website market. So we halted the 3D modeling and changed to panorama virtual contents.

Panorama Virtual Tour: Panoplaza

Now are providing Panoplaza. Panoplaza is a web-based tool to create virtual tours using panorama photos. The users need to upload the panorama photos onto our cloud service and there they can create and edit the virtual tour. The service is good for shops, real estates, and other environment. There are already many cases who have applied Panoplaza in their websites and applications.

R&D on Space Expression Tech

These space expression contents are provided in the form of websites, applications, and e-books. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything we can help your business promoting your nice spaces.

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