【Promote Tourism in Japan】


Promote Tourism in Japan


Japanese loves trips. As you may notice in your country, Japanese is everywhere. Some people travel in a group and others travel by themselves. Recently young generation visits not only major destinations such as North America and Europre but also Asia, Africa, and South America.

Kadinche is helping Bhutan

Kadinche is helping Tourism Council of Bhutan in their tourism promotion in Japan. We especially working on maintenance of Japanese written website, social marketing, and event exhibition such as JATA (Japan Association of Travel Agents) JATA Tourism Forum & Travel Showcase. Since the opening of the website, it gets a lot of popularity among general viewers, travel agencies, and media related people. Japan visit by His & Her Majesty King of Bhutan also attracted Japanese to this country.

Web promotion & marketing of your country

More & more Japanese are tend to search for their next vacation destination by using the Internet. In this kind of occasion, Japanese written official website and friendly social media such as Facebook page and Twitter are useful. Especially for the local tour operators and optional tour providers, direct & mutual communiation with these potential customers would lead to the direct increase of your customers.

How do you appeal your country?

Of course the website and social media would be the main channel. And what will you write and show in these channel? Why don’t you put movies, sounds, and panorama virtual tours of your nature, hotel, and sightseeing spots! You can refer to some of the space expression contents in our blog. We are ready to help you. Please feel free to contact us from this form.


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