We offer cloud type 360 ​​degree video CMS

It is application platform with functions necessary for 360°video management and distribution. You can use highly functional 360°video and distribution platform with short delivery time and low cost.

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360° video posting and management

Posting / viewing of 360 ° vidos on the browser is possible. Uploaded contents will be stored in the cloud. It is also compatible with 4K high-quality 360°movies, and it is possible to view high-definition images.

”My page”(+Serial authentication)

The My Page function which manages uploaded contents is carrie. Editing is possible as necessary, such as change of movie disclosure range and thumbnail. You can also attach QR code to each content and restrict browsing by serial authentication.

Channel setup

You can open channels in PANOPLAZA MOVIE. You can post 360° movies and register channels for each purpose, and use it as a channel page.

Content protection (HLS encrypted streaming)

Posted videos can be delivered as HLS-encrypted protected content.

Original Domain correspondence

You can assign your own domain as the original 360 ° movie CMS.

Multiple viewing device compatible

It corresponds to PC, smartphone (iPhone, Android), and tablet (iPad). In the smartphone application, the monocular / binocular mode switching function is installed and VR experience can be done with Google Cardboard, Hakosco etc. It is also possible to develop applications linked with HMD devices such as GearVR and HTC Vive.

Main Functions WEB APP GearVR
User Registration
User Account Management
Upload of 360 Videos
Upload of 360 Photos
Upload of 360 3D Videos
My Page Feature
Serial Authorization (QR Code)
Serial Authorization (VOD)
Play Videos
Play Live Streaming
Publish Live Streaming
Gyroscope Feature *1
Content Protection (HLS) *2
Original Domain
Two Eyes Display *1
Stereo Display *1
*1 when played by mobile apps
*2 when played in live streaming

Examples of utilization.

We will show you examples of utilization of PANOPLAZA MOVIE.

Closed platform


By posting, managing and distributing VR content and introducing VR equipment that installed viewing application to wedding facilities nationwide, we provided solutions that can guide wedding facilities nationwide at anytime, anywhere.

Open platform

AGENDA Co., Ltd.

We provided "VR STATION MOVIE" whitch 360 degree video viewing / sharing service that anyone can post 360 degree video by registering an account on the news media" VR STATION ".

All examples of utilization.

We will show you more examples of utilization of PANOPLAZA MOVIE.



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