Cloud type of 360 ​​° Photo Virtual Tour Production and delivery platform

Create virtual tour easily

The 360° virtual tour is a content that can experience a 360° virtual space anytime, anywhere which is taken in real space. In the cloud-type web service PanoPlaza Tour, you can create a virtual tour with intuitive operation

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Easy account opening

You can easily open an account with a social login such as Facebook account or Twitter account, and you do not need to set a new password.

SaaS type tour production and management

It is SaaS type service which can make tour of 360° by still picture on browser basis.Tour production can be set by intuitive operation by drag & drop, and you can edit and manage the created contents.

Custom logo setting * Individual template development is also acceptable

It is possible to set your own logo on the tour. In addition, customization such as change to the original design and addition of functions is accepted.

Extensive information addition function

You can add rich information such as images, text sentences, Youtube videos, BGM, maps, etc. that explain items etc on the tour of 360°still images.

Smartphone gyroscope · binocular correspondence

Browsing on iPhone and Android is compatible with gyro browsing. Moreover, it is equipped with binocular mode, and it can browse with a simplified HMD with two lenses such as Google Cardboard and Hakosco.

HMD correspondence (option function)

It is possible to browse the 360° still picture tour by GearVR and HTC Vive which has Network cooperation with HMD.

Examples of utilization.

We will show you more examples of utilization of PANOPLAZA TOUR.

Recruit Lifestyle adopted Panorama Virtual Tour

24th March 2014 Press Release AirWALLETxCAFE by Recruit Lifestyle adopted Panorama Virtual TourAppealing Café using 360 Degrees Photos on PanoPlaza Kadinche announces that Recruit Lifestyle adopted panorama virtual tour of PanoPlaza in their website called AirWALLETxCAFE. AirWALLETxCAFE is the portal website which shows popular cafes and restaurants in Tokyo area. The website not only shows available seats but also depicts inside of café using 360 degrees panorama photos. The visitors are able to search and choose their favorite cafes before actually going to actual shops. By April 2014 the website will have information and panorama photos of totally 100 cafes and restaurants. Kadinche provided both panorama photo shooting and editing...


tokyo cafe 360 partners with Yahoo! Loco

5th December 2013 Kadinche Corporation Pihana Consulting tokyo cafe 360 partners with Yahoo! Loco Kadinche in partnership with Pihana Consulting announces that Yahoo Japan’s “Yahoo! Loco” service now lists the information and panorama photos from “tokyo cafe 360”. These days users feel difficulty finding one cafe from the result of vast searching outputs and some wants to see how the cafe looks like inside out. Providing the method to choose the cafe intuitively is extremely important in this information overload era. The “tokyo cafe 360” is the portal for cafes in Tokyo. All the cafes listed in this website has panorama photos to help viewers check the atmosphere. Currently 43...


Panorama Virtual Shop of Seibu Shibuya Living Edition

29th October 2013 Kadinche Corporation Announcing a New Panorama Virtual Shop of Seibu Department Store Shibuya Seibu department store announced that it has opened a new 360 degrees panorama virtual shop of Seibu Department Store Shibu on 24th October 2013. The newly opened panorama virtual shops focuses on the basement floors interior shops Living Edition. Living Edition of Seibu department store Shibuya is the interior floors opened on 7th June 2013. The floor has 11 different interior brands such as AREA、ZERO FIRST DESIGN、TIME & STYLE、I+STYLERS、WISE・WISE、LIVING HOUSE.、POLIS、BRUNCH、UTSUMIoriental、TYPHOON、CASAMANCE. With the panorama virtual shops on website, the viewers can virtually visit the shops and check how the shops look like. The contents is...


Examples of utilization.

We will show you more examples of utilization of PANOPLAZA TOUR.See morePANOPLAZA TOURの活用事例は以下のボタンから確認できます


Service usage price

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Free version


  • Change Logo / Icon:✖️ - PanoPlaza logo only
  • Data capacity:Up to 1 GB
  • Number of tours available for production:Up to 3:
  • Still image quality:4K

Paid version (20 thousand per month)


  • Change Logo:○
  • Data capacityUp tp 50GB:
  • Number of tours available for production:Unlimited
  • :UnlimitedUnlimited


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  • Detailed customization is possible according to customer's request.Please feel free to contact us.(Changing only the design template is possible from 300,000 yen)

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Operating environment of the creation tool

The latest browser, operating system, good Internet environment is necessary.

The latest version of Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, MS Edge

The latest version of Chrome