Start Providing Panorama Movie Platform

Providing Panorama Video Platform for Enterprise Users

-Supporting Distribution of Panorama Video Contents-

Kadinche Corp. starts to provide PanoPlaza Movie 360 degree panorama video platform for enterprise users. The first client using the platform is Hacosco Inc.

There are strong growing needs for panorama VR (Virtual Reality) contents and smart phone VR. To support companies providing VR contents, Kadinche provides and customizes PanoPlaza Movie for these clients. Hacosco Inc. in Japan has adopted this service as “hacosco store” as first enterprise user of our platform. PanoPlaza Movie enable users to manage a lot of panorama video contents. We also customize design and features of client’s panorama contents sharing service.

Hacosco Inc. provides “smartphone VR service” that anyone can experience simply by using smartphones. They provide software app and viewer made of corrugated cardboard. Hacosco Inc. has adopted PanoPlaza Movie to cope for increasing demand of VR contents and released “Hacosco Store” today.

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hacosco store
hacosco store