RaspberryPi VR x Cloud = surveillance camera【NAB 2018】


RaspberryPi VR x cloud service

We have developed a simple surveillance system using  RaspberryPi and 220 degree camera. By using RaspberryPi VR 220 Camera MOD KIT, we attached a 220 ° ultra-wide angle lens to the ultra-compact single board computer. The resulting system periodically uploads still images to the cloud service Entapano VR.

Simple surveillance camera system using a RaspberryPi 220 degree camera

RaspberryPi has a reputation for being a small and inexpensive computer. It is possible to create a simple surveillance system by attaching a 220 degree wide-angle camera to it and uploading the photographs to the Internet . Our prototype system takes and sends a photo once every 5 minutes by using the following equipment configuration.
・ Raspberry Pi RASPBERRY PI 3 Model B
・ Entaniya RaspberryPi VR 220 Camera MOD KIT
・ Entaniya RaspberryPi camera case (prototype)
・ Entapano VR (cloud service)
When it comes to surveillance systems, there is an impression that the cost of implementation is quite high due to the cost of both hardware and software. By combining RaspberryPi and cloud services, the setup becomes much easier and cheaper.

Raspberry Pi RASPBERRY PI 3 Model B + VR 220 Camera MOD KIT

Cloud service: Entapano VR

Exhibition at NAB 2018

This system was demoed at the Entaniya booth during the NAB Show 2018, an exhibition of the American Broadcasting Corporation in Las Vegas, USA.


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