Announcing Panorama Movie Producing Service


10th March 2014
Press Release

Announcing Panorama Movie Producing Service

Kadinche announces that it started service of producing 360 degrees panorama movie. The service includes shooting, stitching, and editing of panorama movie.

Conventional panorama contents use panorama still photos and therefore both of camera and objects could not move around. Now that we have
developed the production flow of panorama video, both of camera and objects can move.

We use 6 video cameras and place them on each surface of a cube. After taking 6 movie files we use a software to stitch and edit panorama movie files. The viewers can watch the contents from a PC, a smart phone, and a head-mount display such as Oculus Rift. The viewers click or touch the screen to move around the movie content.

The potential clients of panorama movie includes amusement facilities, sightseeing spots, real estates, retails, concerts, and sports. Once the panorama movie is ready we can upload it on websites and utilize them as a promotional content.

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