Developed Pfizer Virtual Factory System


Pfizer Japan Inc. exhibited its virtual factory system at the 48th Japan Pharmaceutical Association Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science from November 22nd to 23rd 2015. The Pfizer Virtual Factory System let users virtually experiences Pfizer Nagoya factory with a head mount display.

Main objectives of virtual factory system was to let pharmacist understand Pfizer’s drug formulation technology and quality management in the factory. They created a corner in their exhibition booth in which participants were able to experience virtual factory.

The head mount display showed 3 minutes panoramic video which describes process flow of drug formulation starting from weighing capacity of basic ingredients to packaging products. They could have provided experiences to more than 600 pharmacists within 1 day and a half.

Kadinche shot panoramic video in Nagoya factory using drones and also developed virtual factory system based on Android OS using Samsung Gear VR head mount display.

Pictures from Exhibition and Factory

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