360 Live Streaming from Ricoh R DK to PanoPlaza Live on Hololens


Kadinche has developed prototype 360 live streaming player application for Microsoft Hololens. As the first public streaming experiment, Ricoh will live-stream 360 video from Mobile World Congress 2017 using their Ricoh R Development Kit. Anybody who owns Hololens can experience this 360 experiment . Here is how you can install it.

The press release from Ricoh can be seen here.

HoloLens 360 Live Streaming Experiment Schedule

27th Feb – 2nd Mar 2017
10:00-14:00 Barcelona, Spain
18:00-22:00 Japan
4:00-8:00 Eastern Standard Time, USA
1:00-5:00 Pacific Standard Time, USA

Thank you for experiencing the 360 live streaming from MWC2017. We deleted the app from this page after the event.

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