Kadinche and DG Lab, Delivery of live performance at 4K360° VR


Providing visual experiences of a new feeling with full of presence

Performance of Mr. Tetsuya Komuro’s can be watched in 360 ° field of view from the camera which lies on the stage.

Kadinche Company Ltd. (Head office: Tokyo Shinagawa-ku, Representative Director and President: Soko Aoki, hereinafter: Kadinche) and Digital Garage Company Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange 4819, Headquartered: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director and CEO: Hayashi Iku, hereinafter: DG) (Tokyo Stock Exchange 2371, Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Akinosuke Hata), Credit Saison (Tokyo Stock Exchange 8253, Head office: Toshima-ku), Tokyo DG Lab * 1, an open-platform research and development organization operated by Mr. Hayashino Hiroshi) which will be held jointly with J-WAVE (81.3 FM) of the radio station on June 3, 2017 with the University of Tsukuba, we will also distribute Tetsuya Komuro’s live from the stage at “INNOVATION WORLD FESTA 2017 Supported by CHINTAI” (“Innofes”) at “4K360° VR” (360° movie with resolution of about 4000 × 2000 pixels).

In this Innofes, Kadinche and DG Lab deliver live performance images of Mr. Tetsuya Komuro at “4K360° VR” so that viewers at remote locations could see as if they are actually in the audience seats and they can feel the shape of a new live distribution.

We will also set up a camera on stage of the hall so that we can also watch the stage performance of Mr. Tetsuya Komuro more closely. The state of such live performance is scheduled to be delivered on YouTube and “PANO PLAZA MOVIE” operated by Kadinche * 2. Similarly, we plan to archive live images the next day after the event is held. For this reason, live visitors can enjoy the performance of Mr. Tetsuya Komuro again from another viewpoint with “4K360° VR”

With this “4K 360° VR” raw delivery triggered, Kadinche and DG Lab will begin verifying commercialization of VR live video distribution business from various angles including VR raw delivery technology and user experience evaluation.

*1 DG Lab is a research and development organization aiming to discover technical seeds that will become the pillar of new business of participating companies through open innovation, which was established in July 2016 and “Block Chain”, “Artificial Intelligence”, ” VR / AR “,” Security ” and “Biotechnology “as their priority areas.

*2 Delivery details will be announced on the same day in the official website of Innofes, J-WAVE official, Twitter account etc.

Event overview

The festival of technology and music “INNOVATION WORLD FESTA 2017 Supported by CHINTAI” (also known as Innofes) is the first event held in 2016 as a unique event where music artists / innovators / latest technologies are gathered.

This year famous powerful musician “Mr. Tetsuya Komuro” appeared. We will also deliver his live performance at “4K360° VR”. Official website: https: //www.j-wave.co.jp/iwf2017/

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