Meta Kabuki: Kabuki in a Virtual Space Where Real and Virtual Merge


As a commemorative production for the opening of the Daikanyama Metaverse Studio, “META Kabuki Genji Memories” was streamed live and archived on a virtual space for the first time in Kabuki history.

This is the first Kabuki production to use virtual production (a filming technique that fuses 3DCG backgrounds and VFX with images shot in the real world in real time), and is based on the immortal masterpiece of classical literature, “The Tale of Genji”. The real-time synthesis of the virtual backgrounds of the Heian period and the live-action images of the kabuki actors creates an immersive experience that makes the audience feel as if they are in the Heian period. Kabuki actors Ichitaro Nakamura and Hayato Nakamura will take on this new dimension of Kabuki performance. Nakamura Ichitaro will play the role of the five families and also serve as the general director. Hayato Nakamura takes on the role of Hikaru Genji for the first time in his career.

In addition, the staff of E&H Production, a studio established in 2021 by Seonghu Park, known for directing “GARO-VANISHING LINE-“, “GOH”, and “JUJYUKI KARASEN”, will participate in the production as directors. This is a new type of entertainment that combines Kabuki, virtual production technology, and animation.

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