Metaverse System: Cloud-based private VR service


Kadinche Co. has been specializing in the development of live-action VR (virtual reality) systems using 360° panoramic photos and videos. Lately, with the increased demand for VR based applications, we helped with the development and consultation on the following projects:

Sony Music Entertainment:AnimeJapan 2019 22/7 Virtual Meet & Greet booth

Shochiku/Miecle:VR Haunted House

Based on our development experience, we have released a cloud-based personalized VR service. There are several social VR services for purposes such as online communication, events, games, etc., but we offer more specialized 3D virtual space for B2B purposes. Log in to your 3D virtual space via an HMD (Head Mounted Display) and take part in various activities, including real-time communication, entertainment, virtual reality based training, content preview, conferences, exhibition and others.

For more details, please refer to the following page: Metaverse System: Cloud-based private VR service.

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