Introducing 360 VMS at MIPS Americas 2018


Kadinche exhibits at MIPS Americas 2018 an international conference on IP based camera video management software organized by Milestone Systems. Kadinche applied for Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest 2018 and is selected as one of three finalists.

Milestone XProtect

XProtect is a Milestone’s market-leading video management software (VMS). It is perfect match for the business owner who wants video surveillance to protect employees and assets. You can integrate other systems and applications with your surveillance, and you can access your system from any Internet-enabled device.

Demonstration: VR VMS

Kadinche has been working on 360 video management system and live platform for past 3 years. We noticed that 360 camera such as Ricoh Theta and Insta360 Pro are good for security and surveillance. To view 360 video, a head mounted display(HMD) is useful as you can see omni-direction of that camera by moving your heads. Therefore we came up with an idea that we should combine 360 camera and HMD by Milestone.

System Architecture

Our system consists of following modules: [360 Live Camera] – [Milestone XProtect] – [HMD: VR Headset]

  • 360 Live Camera: The camera needs to be wearable because security guard needs to carry them. For same reasonthe camera should be small, light, and wireless. It has to be connected to the Internet to send data through RTSP.
  • Milestone XProtect: It will handle 2:1 equirectangular format video data because the de-facto format of 360camera is this aspect ratio.
  • HMD: A HMD is connected to a PC and the PC connects to Milestone server to download data. We are also creatingweb-browser based 360 video player which works with HLS protocol.

Winner of Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest 2018

We are happy to announce that our prototype system is voted and selected as the winner of Milestone Community Kickstarter Contest 2018. With the prize of the contest, we will explore the market of 360 surveillance by using 360 cameras and head mounted displays.

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