OEM provided VR content sharing service "PANOPLAZA" as a platform dedicated to VR distribution


VR content distribution platform

“PANOPLAZA MOVIE” WEB platform is capable of posting and distributing VR content. This service is customized according to customer’s request and we also offer OEM for business developed by oneself.

“PANOPLAZA MOVIE” is a VR content sharing service for uploading and delivering 360-degree VR content. You can freely upload and publish VR content created by users. Based on this service, we customize according to customer’s request. We are selling OEM as VR content sharing / delivery platform.

Service overview

According to customer’s request, we will customize our service and provide WEB platform “PANOPLAZA MOVIE” specialized for posting, sharing and distributing VR contents. We provide the necessary functions for operating the platform that customers will become the hub of VR content delivery. We will also transplant new functions that will extend the possibilities of VR content developed at “PANOPLAZA MOVIE”. By utilizing the technology and experiencing the cultivated service of “PANOPLAZA MOVIE” and the platform dedicated to the developed VR contents, we can start to deploy services smoothly and reasonably rather than developing our own company.

Content of service

  • What can you do with the application
  • User registration machine
  • Management of user information and its editing function
  • “Channelization” of specific user page
  • Upload 360 degree VR video (panoramic video)
  • Upload 360 degree panoramic photos
  • Publish and share the uploaded content
  • Management function of the uploaded contents

OEM case

We have introduced “Hacosco store” as a special platform for panoramic video of Hacosco Company Ltd. In Hacosco store, you can easily experience the virtual reality with cardboard simple head mount display “Hacosco” provided by Hacosco.

We have introduced “Entapano VR” as a platform specialized for panoramic video of Entaniya Company Ltd. It manufactures and sells the fish-eye lens “Entaniya Fisheye” that can capture wide angle photographs and it is used as a platform for viewing images shot by attaching a fisheye lens to GoPro.

We have introduced “Botsnew player” as a panorama video platform application for Megahouse Corporation. By inserting your smartphone to Botsnew which is provided by Megahouse, you can browse the VR content just by launching the VR movie playback application “Botsnew player”.

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