PanoPlaza Movie 2nd Anniversary Update


On 1st December 2014, we celebrated the 2nd anniversary of PanoPlaza Movie which is the world’s fastest publishing platform for 360 degree video distribution and sharing.

In the past two years we have used the web platform based on PanoPlaza Movie as OEM or only 360 degree movie player for smartphone so that many customers can use our products. To celebrate second anniversary, we will update the following updates.

1, Renewal of Design

To make it easy to imagine and use in multiple industries, we made it a neutral taste and updated the design to enhance the listing of the videos posted, similarly, make links to necessary know-how easier to understand. We also made links to the 360-degree video streaming distribution which will be increasing in the coming year and easier to understand.

2, Speeding up of the encoder: Parallel processing

PanoPlaza Movie encodes the uploaded video uniformly on the server side so that not only the web browser but also the viewing experience with the smartphone application will be comfortable. However till now, the processing speed of the encoder has been slow, so it took time until the movie uploaded by user become ready for viewing. Therefore, by parallelizing the encoders, speedup has been realized by dividing and parallel processing of the uploaded videos on the server side.

3, Distribution of 360 Video live streaming, set ordered and sale started

In order to realize 360 ° movie live streaming, it is necessary to align distribution system such as panoramic camera, capture board, personal computer, cable, distribution software, so far. However, none have been provided as a set. Therefore, in response to customer inquiries, we decided to offer 360 video live streaming distribution set by choosing and assembling the optimum hardware / software on an order basis.

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