Panorama Virtual Shop of Kintetsu Abeno Harukas


24th October 2013
Kadinche Corporation

Announcing a New Panorama Virtual Shop of
Kintetsu Department Store Abeno Harukas

Kintetsu department store announced that it has opened a new 360 degrees panorama virtual shop of Abeno Harukas on 24th October 2013. It opened some of the areas in August but it now has about 50 panorama photos in the virtual shop.


Abeno Harukas is the new flagship store of Kintetsu department store. The new panorama virtual shop covers Abeno Food City located in the basement floor of tower building and it includes about 60 confectionary brands. The viewers can virtually visit the shop and look around their favorite shops. The content is utilized as a effective tool for omni-channel marketing and online to offline tool.

Future Expansion:

Abeno Harukas building opens its floor gradually and the store is planning to open panorama virtual stores of the 6th & 8th floor of wing tower in December 2013. The contents is created and hosted by PanoPlaza, a cloud platform for panorama virtual shops.

Target: The basement floor of Tower Building, Kintetsu Department Store Abeno Harukas
Number of Panorama Spots: 50 (as of October 2013)
Number of Shops: About 60 Brands & Shops