Panorama Virtual Shop of Seibu Shibuya Living Edition


29th October 2013
Kadinche Corporation

Announcing a New Panorama Virtual Shop of Seibu Department Store Shibuya

Seibu department store announced that it has opened a new 360 degrees panorama virtual shop of Seibu Department Store Shibu on 24th October 2013. The newly opened panorama virtual shops focuses on the basement floors interior shops Living Edition.

Living Edition of Seibu department store Shibuya is the interior floors opened on 7th June 2013. The floor has 11 different interior brands such as AREA、ZERO FIRST DESIGN、TIME & STYLE、I+STYLERS、WISE・WISE、LIVING HOUSE.、POLIS、BRUNCH、UTSUMIoriental、TYPHOON、CASAMANCE.

With the panorama virtual shops on website, the viewers can virtually visit the shops and check how the shops look like.

The contents is created and hosted by PanoPlaza, a cloud platform for panorama virtual shops.

Target: The basement floor of B Tower, Seibu Department Store Shibuya
Number of Panorama Spots: 15 (as of October 2013)
Number of Shops: 11 Brands and 4 Promotional Spaces