Panoplaza Update (Version 4.4.1)


Kadinche has updated the cloud based panorama virtual shop authoring tool Panoplaza. In this page, we would like to explain main 4 features added to the tool. You can test these features by logging into the Panoplaza. Panoplaza is available both in English and Japanese.

Flat Photo & Partial Panorama

You are not familiar with panorama photos? Now Panoplaza also works with normal flat photo and partial panorama photos. By uploading your photos to Panoplaza, you can zoom in & zoom out and also create clickable tags on photos.

Panoplaza: Settings – Panorama – Upload Image – Others – Flat

Reverse Back Link

When you need to make panorama link in the conventional system, you need to make both links from Spot A to Spot B and from Spot B to Spot A. With this new reverse back link feature, you only need to make a link from Spot A to Spot B and then bi-directional link is created.

Panoplaza: Double click on the panorama link tag

Webpage Inline Window

When you click on the detail button on popup window in panorama virtual shop, the system opens the webpage in inline window avoiding the viewers to go out to new tab or new window of web browser.

Panoplaza: Settings – Viewer – Item Popup – Show detail pages in a inline window

Panorama List

You can put the thumbnails photos of all the panorama photos in your virtual tours by using this panorama list feature. This feature let users easily move to another panorama spot.

Panoplaza: Settings – Viewer – Navigation – Show Panorama List

You can check these check logs by clicking on the text saying “Version X.X.X” on the right bottom of Panoplaza builder.

Please enjoy creating panorama virtual shops with Panoplaza!


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