3D Interior Simulator Using 3D Display


24th April 2014
Press Release

3D Interior Simulator Using 3D Display
From 26th April 2014 at Osaka Showroom of Sanwa Company

Kadinche developed the 3D interior simulator using 3D display together with Sanwa Company Ltd. (Sanwa Company) and Open Innovation Lab of Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (ISID).

The 3D simulator will be placed at Osaka Showroom of Sanwa Company from 26th April 2014 to 6th May 2014. In the system, zSpace is utilized as 3D display and users are able to simulate their kitchen and bathroom by using glasses and a stylus pen. The zSpace is a virtual reality environment for immersive exploration, visualization, and learning by zSpace Inc. USA. The system enables customers intuitively imagine furniture’s size and texture.

To build this 3D simulator, Kadinche designed and implemented the 3D simulation software by using Unity, Sanwa company directed the project and installed the system in their showroom, and ISID planned and supported exhibition and development.

Sanwa Company Ltd.

Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd.


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