Announcing Panorama Video Sharing Service "PanoPlaza Movie"


Kadinche Corp. announced it has started PanoPlaza Movie, a 360 degree panorama video sharing website.

PanoPlaza Movie allows users to upload, view and share 360 degree panorama videos which are viewable by dragging the screen or using a mouse.

360 degree panorama videos can be taken by super wide angle movie cameras such as the THETA m 15 by RICOH or the QBiC MS-1 by ELMO, and it provides an immersive virtual reality experience which regular videos can not deliver. Other video sharing websites have some limitations to viewing 360 degree videos or do not support the size of the videos, but PanoPlaza Movie solves all of these problems and provides a better user experience.

Kadinche will continue to work on the research and development of space expression technology, along with PanoPlaza Movie and PanoPlaza which is a web service to create panorama virtual shops.

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About PanoPlaza Movie
Supported Format: Panorama movie (mp4) of the aspect ratio 2:1 (Equirectangular).

Screen Shots (These are still in development and may differ from the actual screens)


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