Innovative Devices & Scripts for Panorama Contents


Kadinche is thinking that we can utilize panorama virtual tour contents not only on the websites but in the events, in the shops, or in some presentations using many kinds of innovative devices and services such as books, multi screens, head mount display, and gesture input devices.

Panoplaza Books

We created a script which outputs book contents from panorama virtual shops on Panoplaza. This means once we created the panorama virtual contents, we can publish it to both website and book. The clients who usually send their pamphlets and catalogues to their customers can utilize the system by putting one additional book in the package showing their shops and showrooms in panorama format.

Multi Screens

When you use panorama contents in the real shops or events, you might want to project it to the wall. In that case, you may would like to use multiple projectors and screens to show wider view. The video below is showing multi screen panorama contents using 3 Android tablets. All 3 tablets are controlled by touching 1 screen.

Oculus Rift:Virtual Reality Headset

There are many kinds of head mounted displays such as Sony’s HMZ series and Google Glass in the market. Among them the Oculus Rift has the most widest viewing angle. We are happy to know that this display goes well together with panorama and 3D contents. The Making View and Krpano has already announced their support on Oculus Rift and we Kadinche will be able to follow this trends.

Leap Motion & Kinect: Motion Controller

Once the panorama contents are projected onto the wall or screen, the keyboard and mouse are not best input device. For these purpose, we would like to propose motion controller such as Leap Motion and Microsoft Kinect to control the contents. The video below is showing how we can control Object VR contents by using Leap Motion.


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