Official PanoPlaza Movie iOS App


Renewal of PanoPlaza Movie

We could renew the design and some features of PanoPlaza Movie. With this renewal we are ready to host some of business users' panorama video contents. If you are interested in uploading your panorama VR contents on our service and would like to mark them as featured contents please feel free to contact us.

PanoPlaza Movie iOS Application

Now you can download from iOS App Store our latestPanoPlaza Movie iOS App. You will be able to play 360 degrees movie uploaded onto PanoPlaza Movie. It will nicely work with mobile VR holders such as Google Cardboard and Homido with app's side by side projection mode.

VR Marketing Solution

Both of website and application has a special area for business account users of PanoPlaza Movie. This space can be utilized for your company's VR marketing or promotion. Get ready for next generation virtual reality marketing solution!


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