Recruit Lifestyle adopted Panorama Virtual Tour


AirWALLETxCAFE by Recruit Lifestyle adopted Panorama Virtual Tour
Appealing Café using 360 Degrees Photos on PanoPlaza

Kadinche announces that Recruit Lifestyle adopted panorama virtual tour of PanoPlaza in their website called AirWALLETxCAFE.

AirWALLETxCAFE is the portal website which shows popular cafes and restaurants in Tokyo area. The website not only shows available seats but also depicts inside of café using 360 degrees panorama photos. The visitors are able to search and choose their favorite cafes before actually going to actual shops. By April 2014 the website will have information and panorama photos of totally 100 cafes and restaurants.

Kadinche provided both panorama photo shooting and editing service using PanoPlaza. The website is appealing for visitors and viewers since it can present high realistic sensation of real café.

・Website URL:
・Starting Date: 24th March 2014
・Number of cafes at the date of starting: 20


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