Sports Virtual Reality Video


How does it feel like if you can see sights of top athletes? With panorama virtual reality technology, it is possible to virtually experience top athletes' view. We have shot 8 different sports events with help of athletes in Japan.

Each athlete wore a special helmet equipped with 6 action cameras. The helmet and video stabilization technology are provided by Sony Computer Science Lab & Rekimoto Lab of the University of Tokyo's Jack In Head Technology.

Japanese Olympian Mr. Dai Tamesue of Athlete Society helped us casting the athletes.


  • Track and Field. Hurdles by Shingo Akimoto (200m hurdles Asian record holder)
  • Rowing by CHUO University Rowing Team
  • Track and Field. 100m dash by Ryota Yamagata (100m Sprinter)
  • Paraglider by Mariko Mitsuhashi
  • Aerial Skiing by Naoya Tahara (Japan national team of Sochi Olympic)
  • Figure Skating by Reika Matsumoto (Member of Prince Ice World)
  • Kick Boxing by Takayuki Kohiruimaki and Kaito Ozawa
    (Mr. Kohirumaki is a champion of K-1 WORLD MAX JAPANESE TOURNAMENT ‘04, ’05 and ’09.)
  • Jumper by Kei Nitta

Enjoy omnidirectional views of top athletes!


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