Developed software for "TSUNAGATE", a platform for IoT construction sites


Kadinche has developed software for “TSUNAGATE”, a platform for IoT of construction sites at Takenaka Corporation.“TSUNAGATE” can connect various ICT tools to a cloud management system for centralized management by building a network (wireless LAN) environment at the construction site via a temporary distribution board that enables Internet connection. It is a platform realized by the cooperation of Takenaka Corporation’s original IoT distribution board and our cloud technology.Normally, at the construction site, power for construction is supplied by a temporary power line, but by applying “TSUNAGATE” which can communicate using the temporary power line, ICT tools such as network cameras and digital signage can be applied. This eliminates the need for separate communication wiring. It also enables the realization of IoT at the construction site, such as centralized management of those ICT tools, remote control of lighting, and collection of sensor information.We have developed “TSUNAGATE” for Cloud and software.“TSUNAGATE CLOUD” “TSUNAGATE CLOUD” is a system that monitors and controls the functions installed in “TSUNAGATE BOX” located at the construction site.Since it is built on the cloud, “TSUNAGATE BOX” on the construction site can be centrally managed from a remote location via a web browser.We developed “TSUNAGATE CLOUD” by utilizing AWS IoT.

Other examples of using “TUNAGATE” (“TSUNAGATE VIEW”)“TUNAGATE VIEW” uses power line communication (PLC), installs a camera on the ceiling and connects it to a temporary light, and the images around 360 degrees are displayed. It is a system that acquires and saves in “TSUNAGATE CLOUD”. By installing multiple units on the construction site, we have realized a “virtual site patrol” that allows you to change the viewpoint and the date and time to look around the site.At our company, we developed software such as cloud development by utilizing software development utilizing a 360 degree camera, virtual tour, and “PanoPlazaTour”.We will continue to combine 360-degree camera solutions and IoT technology to support the efficiency of site/construction management in the digital twin era.


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